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Modern Disdain - CD Album

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"Chunky beatdowns and commendable dexterity bubbling through" - Metal Hammer

"The album is a pretty flawless debut for From Eden to Exile... a top release for 2017." - Overdrive.IE

"Utterly relentless explosions of modern metal" (8/10) - Metal Gods TV

“Solid gold, From Eden To Exile produce gem after gem" - (8/10) Ave Noctum

"The excellent 'Volatile' lives up to its name; likewise the bruising
title track is another glorious slice to the neck... 'Modern Disdain' is
a bit of a blinder" 8/10 - Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine

"Modern Disdain" is the debut album, released in 2017 by From Eden To Exile.
With tracks from the album featured on both Terrorizer Magazine and Metal Hammer Magazine cover-mount CD's, as well as an abundance of excellent reviews, "Modern Disdain" is a must have addition to your music collection!

Track Listing:
1) Gospel Untold
2) Modern Disdain
3) Volatile
4) Victim
5) The Dreamer
6) From Eden To Exile
7) What You've Done
8) Sentiment